We Don’t Sit…

CSC specializes in connecting families with highly qualified college student childcare providers in a safe, convenient, and reliable way. Allowing you to sign up, search, select and schedule at the click of a button!


CSC specializes in connecting families with highly qualified college student childcare providers in a safe, convenient, and reliable way. Allowing you to sign up, search, select and schedule at the click of a button!

    How It Works

    Create a CSC account and login to your dashboard from your favorite device.

    Search through CSC’s database of qualified college sitters by date/time needed, experience and more to select the sitter that best fits your family’s needs.

    Schedule the sitter that works best for your family and they will arrive ready to not just sit…but PLAY!

    View our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

    • What are the rates?

      The rates range from $18/hr – $21/hr depending on number of children and your location. After you register (it’s FREE!) click on the community tab to see the local rates for your area.

    • Will I be charged booking fees?

      NO! CSC does not charge any booking, subscription or registration fees. The only additional fee to the hourly rate and mileage is a $4 credit card processing fee which is added to your monthly invoice if you use our service during that month.
      Late fees may be charged if unable to collect from credit card on file.


    • How are mileage costs calculated?

      Each location has their own mileage radius.  To find the mile radius in your community, reach out to the Community Manager in your area. CSC charges $.50 for every mile traveled after the mileage radius is hit. We want to help compensate our sitters for their drive-time while also encouraging families to book sitters who live nearest to them! Sitters receive the full mileage reimbursement. To see how far away a sitter lives from you click “Calculate Mileage Cost” before booking the sitter.

    • How soon in advance do I need to request a CSC Sitter?

      The CSC Sitter is immediately notified via text message and email that you have requested them for a certain date/time. They will respond to your request within 24 hours. However, if you are looking for same-day childcare needs, please contact your local Community Manager directly. 

    • What if I’m not sure how long I will need a sitter?

      You may be home earlier or out later than expected. If you are, that is fine! When requesting a booking, enter the start time you would like them to arrive and select an estimated end time (as long as this end time DOES NOT exceed their block of availability- you must have the sitters permission if you need to arrive late). After the booking is over, your sitter will complete the booking online. This completed booking will be for the exact hours that they worked for you. YOU WILL ONLY BE CHARGED THE HOURS THAT YOUR SITTER IS ACTUALLY THERE, NOT YOUR INITIAL REQUEST.

    • Why do I need a credit card to sign up?

      Our website requires your credit card information when creating a profile to act as a safeguard for our sitters. We want to ensure our sitters’ profiles are only being seen by real families.

    • Can I tip my sitter?

      Absolutely! We are a in the service industry and encourage tipping for a job well done! We especially encourage tipping if you have our sitters transport your kiddos so that they can be reimbursed for mileage. If you do not feel comfortable leaving cash- we recommend adding an hour to your booking time so the sitter is compensated that way or email your local community manager and they can add a tip for your sitter.

    • Why is there a 2-hour minimum?

      This is to respect our sitters time and make it worth their while. If you need a sitter less than two hours, just indicate that in the comments to the sitter, however, the full two hour booking will be charged upon completion.

    • Can I meet a CSC sitter prior to scheduling a booking?

      Yes!  We understand your need to meet your childcare providers in person before booking. We recommend booking the childcare provider for two hours while you supervise.

    • Can I book a CSC Sitter overnight?

      Absolutely! Although some sitters may not have overnight hours posted for their availability, that doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to help out. Ask your Community Manager to assist you in finding a sitter that fits your needs. 

    • How are sitters paid?

      Payments are made monthly from your credit card, on file, to CSC and forwarded directly to the sitter’s bank account. They are paid bi-monthly. No awkward “how much do I owe you” cash payments!

    • What can I expect from CSC sitters?

      Every sitter is to meet the following expectations which includes but is not limited to the following:

      • Responding to booking requests within 24 hours
      • Being on time
      • Being knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle any situation in the best way possible
      • Staying engaged with the kids -no cell phone unless communicating with the parent, management or in case of an emergency
      • Following expectations of parent (no screen time, no soda, etc.)
      • Cleaning up after themselves and any messes made during play time (we do NOT offer cleaning if the mess is not that of the sitters or the child(ren) during the booking)
      • Excellent communication skills including feedback on how the booking went
      • Staying on top of their availability

      If any of these expectations aren’t met, please let your Community Manager know right away!Please note our sitters are childcare providers and do not include housecleaning services or errands.

    • What Dates Are Considered Holiday?

      Holidays are dates that are considered “High -Demand” and are there to incentivize our sitters to be available for our parents needs. These typically include: All US calendar holidays (New Years Eve, MLK day, Veterans Day, Christmas, etc.) as well as no school days for both the school district as well as the colleges in your community. Home game days are also typically high-demand in the college towns that we serve. Snow days or school cancellations do not count as holiday but planned no school days (holiday, break, in service days) will be. Unsure what falls under holiday? Email your community manager!

    • Children’s Museum

      All of our sitters are able to utilize our company Children’s Museum membership at no additional cost to families. Let your sitter know at your booking and she can bring your children there for some indoor fun! The sitters are able to add $.50/mile for travel reimbursement if they are using their own vehicle when transporting your children.

      The museum is open From 10am-6pm Tuesdays-Sundays, Wednesday-Saturday they open early to members starting at 9am. The museum is closed on Mondays.

    • Is there anything else I should know?

      Our sitters are not allowed to sit for CSC registered families outside of our website. Our sitters sign a contract agreeing to this clause. Both sitters and families can be removed from CSC if this policy is broken. We do encourage parents and sitters to arrange bookings directly, just simply contact the local manager and they can create bookings to be posted to your account as needed!

      High commitment cancellation policy – If booking a sitter more than a month (30 days)in advance for more than 10hours in 1 shift this is considered a “high commitment booking” if cancelling a high commitment booking less than 20 days in advance a $25 cancellation fee is imposed, unless the booking with at least half of the hours can be rebooked with the same sitter

    About CSC

    Welcome to CSC, where your family’s childcare needs are our #1 priority!

    CSC is an online childcare service that believes families all over the United States deserve to be getting the best, most reliable childcare possible – without having to take the time to sort through applications and sit through interviews to find a childcare provider who fits their family’s needs. That is why CSC does that for you! CSC has a professionally trained staff of community managers who conduct face-to-face interviews with each college student who submits an application to become a CSC sitter, check their references and facilitate their orientation and training. You then get to sort through the profiles of all of the high quality sitters and decide who best fits YOUR needs. If you ever have any questions through the process, CSC staff is available and ready to answer them!

    Our Team

    Ali Orzechowski

    Co-Campus Manager

    Hi My name is Ali Orzechowski and I am the Co-Campus Manager out of Iowa City! I love spending time with kids and seeing them grow. I started out as a sitter with CSC and continue to do that as I watch the company grow each day. I have loved, and still do, my time with CSC and becoming not only close with the kids, but all the families as well!

    Jaime Petsel

    Creative Artist

    Hey there! I have been working with CSC since it was just a seed of an idea, making me reminisce back to our college days at The University of Iowa. CSC started from an idea, and from there I worked with Jill to help paint that vision into something bigger. I am so grateful to be working with such an amazing group of people that hold such strong values towards helping others and being part of a community. CSC is a company that takes pride in quality childcare and building a strong team of qualified individuals. CSC has helped cultivate my passion for design and has provided me with the opportunity to help others in our community. I welcome the opportunity to discuss any ideas or advice that will help our creative team grow.

    Michael Arthur

    Chief Financial Officer

    Hello, my name is Michael and I am your go to guy for any questions regarding invoices and billing. As part of the management team, I am constantly receiving feedback from parents on how convenient our website makes the scheduling and payments  – no quick runs to the ATM to grab cash and easy-to-print invoices make receiving tax reimbursements a breeze. I remember the day when my sister, Jill, shared with me her idea for CSC. Awesome! It’s exiting to be on board with this growing company! Let us know if there are any ways we can better assist you.

    Jill Arthur

    Founder and CEO

    Hi! I’m Jill, founder and CEO of CSC. My vision is to help parents find well-qualified options for childcare and connect students with wonderful families to engage during their college years. It is rewarding to hear their testimonies! I am passionate about child development and blessed to be able to continue to spend time as a sitter with CSC families. Gratitude fills my heart for all of the help, support, and encouragement that people have given me along the way. CSC wouldn’t be what it is today without a dedicated management team, wonderful sitters and our loyal families. One of my goals for CSC is to use proceeds to start a non-profit to foster the growth of happy and healthy children. We are always striving to improve, so please let us know how we can better serve you!

    • Ali Orzechowski

      Co-Campus Manager
    • Jaime Petsel

      Creative Artist
    • Michael Arthur

      Chief Financial Officer
    • Jill Arthur

      Founder and CEO

    Parents Say

    Kind, capable, experienced… Our daughter’s first babysitter – and we felt very comfortable leaving our babe in Alyson’s charge!

    - Erin Payne-Christiansen

    Emma was great! Our seven-year-old daughter raved about her and asked when Emma could come back. Our little guy (1 year) was immediately comfortable with her. She even brought along a craft for our daughter to do!

    - Amie Ohlmann

    Courtney is an excellent sitter! She was wonderful with the kids and super responsive.

    - Laura Ebinger

    Awesome, awesome sitter. A kind and conscientious person. Lynn came through for us on very short notice. Thank you!

    - Leah Agne

    Jill brings so much Joy to her job. She is smart, engaging and truly cares for my two kids. She is my new go-to sitter

    - Linda Cadaret

    Beth is lovely and very competent!

    - Erin Payne-Christiansen

    I highly recommend Kenady! We have had her babysit a few times and everything always goes great!

    - Chantal McCabe

    Morgan is dependable and easy to communicate with, and my kids have a good time with her. Asked one of them what to write here. Got this:
    “[Morgan] is really nice and listens well and pays attention. Also helps us take turns when we want to talk.”

    - Julia Buchkina

    Hannah was super awesome! My 4 year old talked about how great her day was for hours after she left and wanted to know when she was coming back again!

    - Kristin Edwards

    Amaris was great; our son didn’t want her to leave!

    - Christina Andrews